Appointment cancellation and the effect this has on a Business

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Appointment cancellation’s can have a big effect on Businesses as this will result in appointments having to be rearranged which can make things difficult, as well as the technician possibly having no work for the day which results in us losing money where money could have been made, the technician now may not be working the entire day resulting in them possibly not being paid. Also, we must try and find last minute appointment for the day to be full up and this results in us losing time for other people who might want to book in for another day.

This can also result in us not being able to carry out PAT Testing for other Businesses due to the date not being suitable for them and with days being cancelled we may lose out on that customer as we could not devote our time to them.

Other reasons for appointment cancellation’s being a big effect is if the client is cancelling the appointment they will be charged if cancelled 48 hours before resulting in them having to pay money for work not being carried out which mean they will be losing money.

Overall appointment cancellations are a pain and in general companies like to avoid them if it can be helped especially a couple of days before we are due to attend as finding work is a lot more difficult this way

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