We carry out PAT testing on a weekly basis across so many different types of companies, working in a variety of different premises, each of these then have staff who are all unique in their own way. This means that the possible variations are huge, whilst we take a general approach to how we deal with the service we offer, it all centres around a key skill that is vital:


We continually remind our staff on our monthly training mornings about this and try to keep it as a top priority on an on going basis. Whether the information we pass on is good, bad or downright awful we will communicate. We have lots and lots of very happy customers.

commercial pat testing

Need A Reference?

We are always more than happy to provide recent references for our service. Should that be required please just ask and we will pick out as many as you require and send them over leaving you free to check our references. If you would like some references to check please either:

  • Call us on 0330 113 1462
  • Email us by completing our Contact Form


Following our technicians coming out to carry out portable appliance testing at a customer’s premises, we always appreciate honest feedback. Our admin staff will send through an invoice and ask for your opinion on our service, please let us know about:

The Technicians That Came Out:

  • Were they dressed smartly?
  • Were they polite and friendly
  • Did they communicate well?

The Testing Process:

  • Was it disruptive or was there minimal fuss?
  • Did it take longer than you thought it would?

The Administration Of The Whole Process:

  • Did you find our admin staff easy to deal with?
  • Did you find our admin staff informed and able to answer questions?

If there is anything else you would like to let us know about please do. It helps us understand our client’s requirements and meet the expectations.