We offer a service specific to the hospitality industry, with Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, Restaurants and Pubs all included. Whether you run a 200 bed hotel or rent out a room at your home address on AirBnB, if you have electrical appliances in the room where people stay you need to have a plan in place. Restaurants and Pubs are no different, the kitchen and bar areas generally have quite a large number of electrical appliances in use. We can set regular reminders to help you keep on top of this, it’s all part of the service.

hospitality pat testing services by SWPT

We test a large number of hotels on a regular basis and they always prove to be quite a challenge. The challenge comes from the number of guests on site, getting appropriate access into rooms at times so as not to disturb anyone. We work with the in house teams to ensure we get everything done in a timely manner. We notify maintenance teams of any items that need particular attention so rooms have a high occupancy rate. We treat B&Bs in exactly the same manner, although we do appreciate sometimes it’s also someone’s home. Restaurants and Pubs typically open at lunchtimes so we always aim to get in and have these done before they open for trade.

Prior to testing at any hospitality site we can provide DBS references, risk assessments and method statements as well as our insurance. We offer portable appliance testing in many locations, see Our Locations page for more details. If you are unsure about the number of items located at your company then you can:

We pride ourselves on our communication throughout the whole process. From your initial enquiry through to receiving our quote, booking an appointment, confirmation of the booking and finally our technicians coming in to carry out the service you will find our staff informed and able to deal with all business types.


All of our staff are checked through this process to ensure a safe working
environment for our clients.

Minor Repairs

We can carry out minor repairs on site, including replacing plugs/fuses and even put together brand new extension leads – made to measure to fit exact needs.

Locations Covered

Check the locations we cover, we may be able to help further afield. See Our Locations for more information.

Post Testing Report & Certificate

We provide reports in excel or PDF format. Your certificate will come as a PDF and should be printed and displayed.

ISO 9001 Calibrated Equipment

All of our test equipment is serviced and calibrated annually to ensure the accuracy of the tests we carry out.

Qualified & Experienced Staff

Not just qualified, they also have years of experience both in the testing and administration of portable appliances.

PAT Testing made easy by

  • Supreme PAT Testing Capability
  • On-board camera with flash for visual evidence
  • Built in risk assessment tools
  • USB and Bluetooth data transfer
  • High definition colour display
  • Point to point testing for fixed appliances
  • Store 2,000 images and 50,000 appliance records
  • Health and safety test and inspection forms
  • User tests for non-electrical tests and inspections